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Laboratory Committee

General Information

The CTTC Laboratory Committee is a networking/resource opportunity for laboratory professionals. It focuses on technical and regulatory issues. The group currently has over 40 members from across Canada and continues to grow along with CTTC.

About Us

The goals of the CTTC Laboratory Committee are:

  • To realize the need for open communication
  • To value the work and achievements of our laboratory teams and individuals who strive to improve BMT processes
  • To provide leadership in the development and implementation of standardized practices

Committee Members

Chair: TBD

Members: Nicole Prokopishyn, Angeline Giftakis, Anna MacDonald, Brenda Letcher, Cheryl Hynes, Claire Wright, Connie Duong, Cynthia Thérien, Diane Fournier, Genevieve Barrette, Giovanna Cameron, Heidi Elmoazzen, Isabelle Louis, Jessica Cronkhite, Josie Hallas,  Karla Anjos, Karla Schebesch, Lianne Witt, Linda Peltier, Lisa Martin, Marie Tulloch, Maryann Doyle, Michelle Gregory, Mike Halpenny, Mileidys Alvarez, Patrick Trépanier, Robert Sutherland, Sonia Bizier, Stacey Hiltz, Susan Berrigan

The CTTC Lab Committee is pleased to provide a variety of relevant guidelines, validations and procedures for the BMT laboratory professional.

Summary of Validation of Cryopreservation Bags

Template validation SOP for Cryopreservation Bags

Reference for ISBT 128 Label Layout

Post Processing QC

Practices for Sterility Control for HPC

Practices for Autologous Stem Cell Collection



If you are interested in joining the Laboratory Committee, please fill out the Committee Application Form, available here.

Please note that to join a Committee, you must first become a CBMTG Member.



Last updated: September 18, 2019

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