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Communities of Practice

Cell Therapy Transplant Canada is a member-led national non-profit organization that relies on its volunteers to provide and promote excellence in research and education in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplant and cell therapy.

The CTTC mission is to be the professional community and voice of HSCT and cell therapy in Canada.


CTTC Communities of Practice

Learn more about each CTTC committee below or request to join a committee.


The purpose of the Advanced Practitioners Committee is to provide advance practitioners working in cell therapy and bone marrow transplant a platform for networking, education and promotion in their role.

Charlene Downey, 
MN, NP(Adult), RN, CON (c)  & Eden Dupont, BSc, MPAS, CCPA

Cox-Kennett, Mary Catherine  McCann, AdrienneFulford, Mychele  Gregoire, SungKim, Sanjay  Singhabahu, KevinDawe, Katelyn Chown, DongfengSun

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The purpose of the education committee is to guide the association in developing educational webinars and other educational programs for HSCT and cell therapy healthcare professionals.

Kylie Lepic, MD, FRCPC

Auro Viswabandya, Cherie Severson, Tammy De Gelder, Hassan Sabai, Jelena Holovati, Jen Vandenberg, Kelly Murphy, Kirsty Tompkins, Linda Hamelin, Marie Tulloch, Mona Shafey, Cheryl Page, Prashant Nageshwar, Renee Stuckel, Samantha Mayo, Sara Beattie, Sita Bhella, Tal Schechter-Finkelstein, Tracie Janzen, Tracy Robinson, Warren Fingrut, Zoe Evans, Mohamed Elemary

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The CTTC Laboratory Committee is a networking/resource opportunity for laboratory professionals. It focuses on technical and regulatory issues. The group currently has over 40 members from across Canada and continues to grow along with CTTC.

Committee Goals:

  • To realize the need for open communication
  • To value the work and achievements of our laboratory teams and individuals who strive to improve BMT processes
  • To provide leadership in the development and implementation of standardized practices
  • Our mission is to positively impact health care through leadership and excellence in cellular therapy laboratory practice.

Nicole Prokopishyn, PhD & Linda Peltier, PhD, RN


Angeline Giftakis
Anna MacDonald
Brenda Letcher
Claudy Vaillancourt
Connie Duong
Cynthia Thérien
Diane Fournier
Eric McGinnis
Giovanna Cameron
Heidi Elmoazzen
Isabelle Louis
Jelena Holovati
Jessica Cronkhite
Karla Anjos
Karla Schebesch
Kelly Murphy

Lianne Witt
Lauren Harrie
Lisa Martin
Marie Tulloch
Maryann Doyle
Michelle Gregory
Mike Halpenny
Mileidys Alvarez
Patrick Trépanier
Robert Sutherland
Sonia Bizier
Stacey Hiltz
Susan Berrigan
Tulsidai Ramdass
Edwin Brindle
Claire Wright

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CTTC is an interprofessional association that is the voice of experts working in the field of blood and marrow transplant in Canada. Nurses are an essential component of any stem cell transplant program. Their specialized knowledge and skills ensure that patients undergoing this complex high risk medical intervention can be safely cared for in a variety of settings and in the context of care delivery models that are constantly changing. This CTTC SIG has been designed to create a space for nursing in transplant to connect, learn, and lead.  

Committee Goals:

  • Secure opportunities to share best practice/best evidence related to the priority nursing issues related to caring for blood and marrow transplant patients in Canada. Currently the SIG achieves this via dedicated CBMTG webinars, utilization of SOSIDO, and a dedicated session within the program at each CTTC conference. This group works with the conference planning committee to support this session.
  •  Increase membership of CTTC by attracting nurses with an interest in stem cell transplant nursing.
  • As the research support available to CTTC members grows, this group will be working to provide nursing researchers with an interest in stem cell transplant with the opportunity to apply for Grant Funding.
  • Create partnerships with like organizations to maximize impact (CAPO, CANO/ACIO)

The Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Group was established in 2016, and includes patients, family members and caregivers from across Canada.

Group Goals:

  • Provide patients and families opportunities to collaborate and voice their input to the stem cell transplant community
  • Identify best practices and gaps related to pre-, during- and post-transplant support and services 
  • Identify the needs of stem cell transplant patients and families
  • Advocate for support and service programs locally, provincially, and nationally

Group Benefits:

  • Attend monthly calls to connect with other patients, family members and caregivers and discuss items of interest to each member
  • Participate in planning patient and caregiver events hosted by the CTTC, such as educational symposia and webinars
  • Assist in identifying patient and caregiver needs and how the CTTC can meet those needs

Lindsay Thompson & Peter Malone


If you are looking to join the Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Group please click here  or contact CTTC Head Office at

The purpose of the Pharmacist Committee is to increase the participation of pharmacists within the CTTC and to promote education for stem cell transplant pharmacists.

Yves Rousseau, 
B.Pharm. M.Sc. BCOP

Ian Pang, Jennifer Jupp, Lina Ho, Nikki Blosser, Michelle Dowhan, Chad Ricard, Christina McCaw, Guy Gagne

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CTTC Research Network governs the overall activities of the committee, including reviewing and approving the research agenda, formulating and monitoring policies and procedures, guiding research activities and overseeing communications within the CTTC Research Network and with the greater scientific community and public. Research concept proposals are solicited, developed and managed by the CTTC Research Network.

Committee Goals:

The mission of the CTTC Research Network is to improve the safety, availability and efficacy of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for adults and children in Canada and to perform clinical research trials that will define optimal hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for adults and children. We strive to conduct laboratory research that will translate into more effective treatments with reduced short, and long-term side effects, and to build partnerships that will help fulfill the mission of the Cell Therapy Transplant Canada (CTTC) and improve the health of adults and children throughout the world.

Chaired by Dr. Kirk Schultz, the CTTC Research Network governs the overall activities of the committee, including reviewing and approving the research agenda, formulating and monitoring policies and procedures, guiding research activities and overseeing communications within the CTTC Research Network and with the greater scientific community and public. Research concept proposals are solicited, developed and managed by the CTTC Research Network.

Kirk R. Schultz, MD, FCAHS

Members: Alina Gerrie, Amanda Li, Anargyros Xenocostas, Andrew Daly, Arijit Nag, Arjun Law, Auro Viswabandya, Caroline Hamm, Chris Bredeson, Claude Perreault,Connie Eaves, Craig Speziali, David Allan, David Mitchell, David Sanford, David Szwajcer, David Hartell, Denis-Claude Roy, Dennis Kim, Donna Wall, Elie Haddad, Fabien Touzot, Florian Kuchenbauer, Fotios Michelis, Geoff Cuvelier, Gizelle Popradi, Gregory Guilcher, Harold Atkins, Henrique Bittencourt, Irwin Walker, Jacob Rozmus, Jan Storek, Jean Roy, Jennifer Wiernikowski, Jennifer White, Joanne Hickey, Joerg Krueger, Jonathan How, Jean-Sebastien Delisle, Kareem Jamani, Katia Bellegard, Kevin Hay, Kristjan Paulson, Kylie Lepic, Larissa Pals, Lea Bernard, Lori Westt, Luciana Garcia, Mick Bhatia, Mahmoud Elsawy, Mahmoud Alijurf, Mark Bosch, Matthew Seftel, Michel Duval, Mitchell Sabloff, Natasha Kekre, Pierre Teira, Raewyn Broady, Rajat Kumar, Ravi Shah, Ronan Foley, Santhosh Thyagu, Sathish Gopalakrishnan, Silvy Lachance, Sujaatha Narayanan, Sunil Desai, Tal Schechter-Finkelstein, Tony Truong, Uday Deotare, Victor Lewis, Yasser Mourad

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Join a Community of Practice

CTTC seeks volunteers with strong organizational and leadership abilities to help achieve its mission together. CTTC members are welcome to request to join any of the committees above. Please note that acceptance is contingent on space availability and your request will be submitted to the Committee Chair for review.  

If you are interested in joining a CTTC Community of Practice, please fill out the CTTC Committee Application Form, available here.

Please note that to join a Committee, you must first become a CTTC Member.

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