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Communities of Practice

Cell Therapy Transplant Canada is a member-led national non-profit organization that relies on its volunteers to provide and promote excellence in research and education in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplant and cell therapy.

The CTTC mission is to be the professional community and voice of HSCT and cell therapy in Canada.


CTTC Communities of Practice

 Community of Practice (Committee) About
 Education Committee  The purpose of the education committee is to guide the association in developing educational webinars and other educational programs for HSCT and cell therapy healthcare professionals.
 Research Network  CTTC Research Network governs the overall activities of the committee, including reviewing and approving the research agenda, formulating and monitoring policies and procedures, guiding research activities and overseeing communications within the CTTC Research Network and with the greater scientific community and public. Research concept proposals are solicited, developed and managed by the CTTC Research Network.
 Laboratory Committee  The CTTC Laboratory Committee is a networking/resource opportunity for laboratory professionals. It focuses on technical and regulatory issues. The group currently has over 40 members from across Canada and continues to grow along with CTTC.
 Pharmacist Committee  The purpose of the Pharmacist Committee is to increase the participation of pharmacists within the CTTC and to promote education for stem cell transplant pharmacists.
 Advanced Practitioners Committee  The purpose of the Advanced Practitioners Committee is to provide advance practitioners working in cell therapy and bone marrow transplant a platform for networking, education and promotion in their role.
 Nursing Special Interest Group  The CTTC Nursing SIG has been designed to create a space for nursing in transplant to connect, learn, and lead.  


Join a Community of Practice

CTTC seeks volunteers with strong organizational and leadership abilities to help achieve its mission together. CTTC members are welcome to request to join any of the committees below. Please note that acceptance is contingent on space availability and your request will be submitted to the Committee Chair for review.  

If you are interested in joining a CTTC Community of Practice, please fill out the CTTC Committee Application Form, available here.

Please note that to join a Committee, you must first become a CTTC Member.

We look forward to your participation!




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