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CTTC Releases First Video in Patient and Family Stories Educational Series

Monday, September 23, 2019  
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The Patient and Family Special Interest Group of Cell Therapy Transplant Canada (CTTC) announced the first video in the ‘Patient and Family Stories’ educational video series.


The ‘Patient and Family Stories’ video series provides an opportunity to capture individual patient stories and experiences related to bone marrow and stem cell transplant in order to produce educational patient videos for CTTC patients, family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

The first video in the series features the two co-Chairs and a caregiver member of the Patient and Family Special Interest Group. Each of them shares their different journeys from diagnosis to stem cell transplant to living life the first one hundred days after transplant and beyond.

“The telling of our stories allows us to share their gift. The stories not only detail our journey to health, they also allow us the opportunity to tell of the heroes that donated their cells, the heroes who are our family members and caregivers who stuck with us through it all and the Health Care heroes who guided us through the darkest of times” explains Lindsay Thompson, storyteller and co-chair of the Patient and Family Special Interest Group .

“Story sharing empowers BMT patients and caregivers, both new and experienced, by offering honest and detailed anecdotes,” echoed Peter Malone, storyteller and co-chair of the Patient and Family Special Interest Group. “The authenticity of shared experiences are educational and inspirational; they relate the not-so-pleasant hardships of a BMT patient as well as provide a catalyst for forming new resilience perspectives and behaviours. Ultimately, the stories provide a human connection to those who make up the BMT community. The story of a BMT patient or caregiver is an evolving story. As one’s story evolves, the feeling of Hope should inherently be present”.

The co-Chairs of the group have confidence that this video will not only serve as an educational resource, but also as an inspirational tool to inspire hope for newly diagnosed patients, patients currently undergoing treatment and survivors. “Stories are to be shared, to educate, to offer strength and most importantly …. For hope!” adds Lindsay Thompson.

To view the CTTC Patient And Family Story, ‘A Message of Hope: Lindsay, Peter & Randi’s Stories’ click here, or search for “Cell Therapy Transplant Canada” on Youtube.

Click here to read the official Press Release.



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