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All Things Courier 0 K. Paulson 1.  Letter from Health Canada is posted on the main CTTC COVID-19 page (signed by the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada). 2.  Commercial courier options include On Time courier ( and Time Matters courier (, as well as NMDP couriers. 3.  Centres can request that the collection centre cryopreserve the product and ship, similar to how one would manage a cord blood unit.  Collection centres are not obligated to do this, but many are willing in the current circumstances.
by K. Paulson
Thursday, March 19, 2020
Center planning for COVID19 6 D. Wall As things stand this minute (it may change before I finish typing), there is no point to the quarantining of grafts because there is no systematic follow up of donors for the necessary duration. However, there is hope. I got this reply from Gail Morris at CBS in answer to this question:"Hi Irwin,Yes, it’s definitely a very hectic time right now! I can’t image how stress it must be for you and your team and all the patients you manage. I had reached out to the WMDA on Sunday about this and I received a response on Monday that they were going to discuss to consider adding a WMDA guidance for IRs to F/U with donors 14 days after the collection to check if they have developed any illness and report to the Transplant CentresIn the meantime, I have asked the team to follow-up with the IRs at 14 days to confirm if the donor has developed any illness etc. For CAN donors we will do the same and reinforce with the donors to also let us know if they develop any illness and then report the information to the TCs even if donors have not developed symptomsHope that helps, once I hear back from the WMDA with additional information I will let you knowThanksGailGail Morris RNManager - Donor Services - Stem Cells"
by I. Walker
Tuesday, March 17, 2020


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